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Selecting hardwood shutters for your home means more than just dressing up your windows. Unlike other window coverings, our shutters become a permanent architectural improvement that actually increases the look and value of your home. Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, luxuriously elegant or warmly informal, custom hardwood shutters are a beautiful way to add style, class, and value to your home.

Wooden shutters can provide the perfect finishing touch to older or damaged windows, or windows that lack an architectural appeal. Hardwood Shutters provide shutters that are made to stand up to the elements, not those that quickly warp or fall out of alignment. Our shutters are made of only the finest quality woods, which result in stronger shutters that will last for many years.

We provide shutters in a variety of colours and styles. We can match the colour in your room or even match the wood stained finish on existing furniture or trims. Choose from many styles that will enhance the beauty and decor of your home for years to come.

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Shutter Styles

This type of shutter affords you the greatest flexibility, allowing for the top and bottom panels to be opened independently to control how much light enters and where it falls. Ideal for homes where privacy can be a concern, or to guard against harsh sunlight high in the midday sky.
As their name suggests, Full Height shutters include unbroken vertical panels of louvres, adding a classic elegance to any window. Alternatively you can add a mid-rail at any point for both aesthetic and practical benefits.
This traditional shutter can be a perfect addition to any Victorian home, returning it to its original outlook with solid shutters that can achieve complete blackout when closed, as well as provide an exceptional barrier against the elements and road noise.
Add Café Style shutters to rooms where you may be overlooked and you’ll get the privacy and style you want without blocking out the light during the day. When combined with existing curtains these half-height shutters can make an excellent design feature.
Many homes include feature windows that vary in shape and size, and at Cool Shutters we can create shutters for any type of window, including Velux windows too. From circles and triangles to hexagons and arched windows, even the oddest angles can be fitted with our wooden shutters.
If you’re looking for an elegant room divider or have exceptionally wide windows, we can install a tracked system that allows your shutters to glide apart with almost no effort required, ideal for those early mornings.
We offer a choice of four different slat sizes, ranging from 47mm slats that are usually reserved for small windows, our most popular 64mm slats that offer an ideal combination of light and visibility, 89mm slats for a clean, contemporary look, and 114mm slats that make a bold statement, normally used in large rooms or very tall windows.